The People of Tollan

The Eldest: The political leader of the village. He had given up his name to become Eldest and provides what wisdom he can in these trying time.

Xecton: Son of the Eldest. He appears to loyally follow his father and tries to provide some more down to Creation advice.

Vana: Monk at the Immaculate Temple, Vona’s twin sister.

Vona: Monk at the Immaculate Temple, Vana’s twin brother.


Ura-Am: Former goddess of an abandoned orchard, and current village goddess of Tollan.

Monar: Former god of Tollan-Chulla who defended his city bravely during the Balorian Crusade. He was rewarded by “ascending” into the Heavens.

Pyriphlegethon: Goddess of the River of Cleansing Flames. Currently leading a group of bandits against Tollan to destroy the village’s god.


Mnemon Ivesa: Head of Tollan’s Immaculate Temple. Worried about thieves.

Ledaal Lemeck: Scholar excavating the ruins of Tollan-Chulla.

Fair Folk

Black “Jack” Lash: One of the most wanted men in the South. Rap sheet includes (but is not limited to) kidnapping, illegal selling of slaves, murder, assault, heresy, and vandalism. Currently he is working with Pyriphlegethon.


The Nameless One: A mystic working for Pyriphlegethon. The Nameless One’s age, gender, origins, and abilities are unknown.


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