The Realm has straddle across Creation like a colossus. They may be harsh and decadent but under the Scarlet Empress Creation was more stable and secure than it had been in an age.

But things are changing.

The Mask of Winters builds his army, his sights already set on the Kingdom of Thorns.

The Bull of the North is gathering allies and destroying his enemies in the North, while the House Tepet begins to gather their forces to end the Anathema threat once and for all.

Satraps and tributary states suddenly find that their Dragon-blooded masters in the Realm seem strangely distracted. Only a few of the highest officials in the Realm realize that the Scarlet Empress has vanished. The Realm is on the brink of civil war and no one yet realizes it.

The greatest change is the breaking of the Jade Prison. Gods wait and Sidereals plot. How will the newly returned Solar Exalted effect Creation?

Breaking Dawn

Lemur steelearth